1983: FROM DISTANT SHORES (Eye Cassette 001) 
1985: EVOCATIONS (Eye Cassette 002) 
1985: ASHTAR (Mirage Cassette M613)
1986: NEW HORIZONS (Eye Cassette 003) 
1987: TIMELEVELS (Eye Cassette 004) 
1987: ASHTAR (Eye Cassette 005) 
1988: WORLDS BEYOND (Eye Cassette 006) 
1989: PHASES (Eye Cassette 007) 
1989: DISTANT HORIZONS (Eye Cassette 008) 


1990: LABYRINTH (Eye Cassette 009) 
1993: CONTINUUM (Electronical Dreams Cassette ED 31)
1994: MATRIX (Cyclops Records CD CYCL 011) 
1996: RIDING THE STORM (Cyclops Records CD CYCL 035) 
1999: CONVERGENCE ((Cyclops Records CD CYCL 069) 


2002: OPENER OF THE WAYS (Cyclops Records CD CYCL 123)
2003: ASHTAR  (Auricle Ltd. Edition CD-R AMCDR 028)
2006: THE WORLD OVER (Dreamfast Cinema CD DF003)
2007: WAKE by Ra (Cyclops Records CD CYCL 162)
2009: RISING by Ra (Cyclops Records CD CYCL  169)
2009: FROM DISTANT SHORES (Ethericom Ltd. Edition CD-R 001) 


March 2011: MATRIX (Ethericom Download) 
February 2012: RIDING THE STORM (Ethericom Download) 
March 2012: CONVERGENCE (Ethericom Download) 
July 2012: OPENER OF THE WAYS (Ethericom Download) 
July 2012: LAST LIGHT (Alternate Version) (Ethericom Download) 
April 2013: FROM DISTANT SHORES (Ethericom Download) 
April 2013: EVOCATIONS/NEW HORIZONS (Ethericom Download) 
May 2013: TIMELEVELS/WORLDS BEYOND (Ethericom Download) 
May 2013: PHASES/LABYRINTH (Ethericom Download) 
9th December 2013: CONTINUUM (Ethericom Download) 
1st November 2014 SEIZE THE DAY by Ra Rising (CD & Download) 
30th March 2015 LIVE FOR TODAY (CD & Download)



1984: An excerpt from “From Distant Shores Pt 1” appeared on the INKEYS No 7 cassette-zine, compiled by Dennis & Jeanette Emsley.

1985: An excerpt from “Evocations Pt 1” appeared on the INKEYS No 13 cassette-zine, compiled by Dennis & Jeanette Emsley.


1986: “Evocations 3” appeared on the ELECTRO SYRINX VOLUME 2 compilation cassette, compiled by Terry Hopkins.

1987: “Island” and the title track from “Ashtar” appeared on the ELECTRO SYRINX VOLUME 3 compilation cassette, compiled by Terry Hopkins.

1987: “New Horizons Pt 1” appeared on the SYNTRAX No 2 cassette-zine, compiled by John Palmer & Andy G.

1988: "Star Temple" a previously unreleased track, appeared on the Network 23 compilation cassette REMOTE VIEWING  Network 23 BOX 001 compiled by Greg Truckell.

  1988: Three previously unreleased tracks, a new version of “Vortex”, “Moon Dance 2” & “Outer Limits” appeared on the SOUNDS UNKNOWN VOL 2 compilation cassette SU3, compiled by Dave Brooks.

 1988: “Earthpulse” appeared on the 2nd AMP RECORDS COMPILATION ALBUM cassette AMP C007, compiled by Mark Jenkins.

1988: “Night Tides 2” a previously unreleased track, appeared on THE DREAM IS JUST BEGINNING Electronical Dreams ED 002 cassette compilation, compiled by Clive Littlewood.

1989: “Into the Night Part 2” by Steve & Linda appeared on the TABLØID VOLUME 2 compilation cassette.

1989: “Citadel Pts 1&2” appeared on the REMOTE VIEWING VOL 2 Network 23 BOX 002 compilation cassette, compiled by Kevin O'Neill. (The tracks re-appeared the following year on the “Labyrinth” album with Pt 2 re-titled “Vale of Thela”).


1991: "Continuum Pt 9" a previously unreleased track, appeared on the A CHANGE FOR THE DIFFERENT Messenger MRJ6 compilation cassette along with an Andrews/Hillman track called "Eyes of Janus", compiled by Rob Andrews.(Later released on CD-R).

1993: "Continuum", "Transistions" & "Centre of Forces" appeared on the cassette-zine SEQUENCES No 5, compiled by Mick Garlick.


1993: "Before Dawn", an unreleased track featuring Linda on flute, appeared on the ESCAPE FROM THE CAGE VOL 3: IMAGES OF INFINITY Auricle cassette AMC 044, compiled by Alan Freeman. (Later released on CD-R).

1993: "Mysterium" a previously unreleased track, appeared on the ARRIVAL sampler cassette AM 001, compiled by Kevin O'Neill. (Later released on Steve's "Riding the Storm" CD).

1994: "Into the Blue (Alternative Version)" appeared on the CYCLOPS SAMPLER CD CYCL 007, compiled by Malcolm Parker.

1994: "Into the Blue (Alternative Version)" also appeared on the SEQUENCES No 9 cassette-zine, compiled by Mick Garlick.

1996: Several previously unreleased tracks, "Winter Sketches Parts 1-4" and "Improvisation", 
appeared on Rob Andrews's Messenger label compilation cassette APHELION MRM 9 compiled by Rob Andrews.


1997: "Dawning Light" from the "Matrix" album appeared on the CD compilation NEW AGE BABEL Gruppo Futura CD (Italy) NA10.


2001: The compilation cassette A CHANGE FOR THE DIFFERENT, previously released in 1991 was released as a CD-R on Rob Andrews's Transfer label TRJ 6.


2002: The compilation cassette ESCAPE FROM THE CAGE VOL 3: IMAGES OF INFINITY, previously released in 1993, was released as a CD-R on the Auricle label AMSCDR 009.


2004: A track from Steve's vaults recorded in 1978 titled "Moon Drone" appeared on the Auricle CD-R ¿DRONSZ? AMCDR 038 compiled by Alan Freeman. Available as a download via iTunes.


2005: The previously unreleased alternate version of "Last Light" from "Opener of the Ways" was briefly available on the short lived PORTALS IV album overseen by Chris "Etherfysh" Christou. Rain of "Cerulean Blue" fame remastered the track.


2006: "Last Farewells" by Robert Andrews & Ra (from the Ra album "Wake") appeared on the CYCLOPS SAMPLER 6 double CD album compiled by Malcolm Parker.


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