The 2010’s

In 2010 Steve signed a publishing deal with Silk & Denim Publishers in Nashville, USA  for a track called “Sam Hain”.

In 2010, as part of a remix contest, Steve remixed Bryan Ferry’s “Shameless” track from his “Olympia” album called “Shameless (Ethericom Spirit of ’72 Mix)”.

In March 2011 a newly remastered version of Steve’s 1994 “Matrix” album was released as a digital download via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon etc.

In 2011 Ra lead guitarist David Groves left the band. With the addition of two new members joining – Brian Jones taking the role of lead guitarist and Richard Benjamin on vocals – it was decided to now call the band Ra Rising and work began on recording new material.

In October 2011 Silk & Denim Publishers in Nashville, USA  published a track a track called “Excite!”

In February 2012 they also published another cue called “Running Free”

Both “Excite!” & “Running Free” were assigned to a Las Vegas reality TV talent show called Vertical Pole Challenge.

February 27th 2012 saw the re-release of 1996’s RIDING THE STORM album as a remastered digital download via CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon etc.

May 9th 2012 saw the re-release of 1999’s CONVERGENCE album as a remastered digital download via CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon etc.

OPENER OF THE WAYS (REMASTERED) available July 23rd 2012 as a digital download via iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc.

July 16th 2012 saw the world wide release of LAST LIGHT (Alternate Version) as a download only single via iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc.

Released on the 23rd April 2013 was 1983’s FROM DISTANT SHORES which includes the 5 bonus tracks as per the limited edition 2007 CD-R release:

An album comprising tracks from 1985’s EVOCATIONS and 1986’s NEW HORIZONS was also released on 23rd April 2013:

 On May 20th 2013 an album comprising tracks from 1987’s TIMELEVELS and 1988’s WORLDS BEYOND was released:

On May 27th 2013 an album comprising tracks from 1989’s PHASES and 1990’s LABYRINTH was released:

Released 9th December 2013 “CONTINNUM”

In anticipation of Steve’s latest solo album two versions of the track “Tunnel Vision” (Orchestral Version & Single Edit) were released as a download 17th March 2014. The orchestral version of “Tunnel Vision” is also featured on the audio book version of Dave Rees & Phil Friend’s book “Why are you pretending to be normal?”. 

Tragically, in September 2014 Linda passed away. She had always been there on so many levels right from the very beginning in the 70’s and onwards to encourage and finance me to pursue music and without her I could not have achieved what I have.

November 1st 2014 Ra Rising’s “SEIZE THE DAY” was released as a physical CD & download. The album was produced by Max Read of the The Enid.

  1. BETWEEN THESE WALLS (Mike Beck / Adrian Polley)
  2. INDIGO MOUNTAIN (Brian Jones / Richard Benjamin / Martyn C Jones)
  3. A TIME THAT WAS (Steve Hillman / Dai Rees)
  4. HOLY MAN (Neil Saunders)
  5. AGAIN (Richard Benjamin)
  6. ALIVE AND WELL (Rob Andrews / Jackie Robinson / Dai Rees)
  7. FLYING HIGH (Steve Hillman / Dai Rees)
  8. THE REAL WORLD (Adrian Polley)
  9. RED CLAY (Richard Benjamin)
  10. MATTER OF THE HEART (Rob Andrews / Neil Saunders / Dai Rees)
  11. CARPE DIEM (Richard Benjamin / Dai Rees)
  12. SHOEGAZER (Rob Andrews / Dai Rees) incorporating “Dm” (Max Read)
  13. TWO BIT HERO (Mike Beck / Kevin Browne / Adrian Polley)
  14. KIDS ON THE SAND (Martyn C Jones)

30th March 2015 saw the release of “LIVE FOR TODAY”, the follow up album to “The World Over” but this time with the addition of vocals with lyrics written by Ra Rising drummer Dai Rees. As well as being available as a digital download via all good download sites, physical CD’s with colour disc & six page fold out booklet are also available.

1) Contract of a Kiss (feat. Cayman Ilika) 
2) Under Cover of Night 
3) Now or Never (feat. Brent Miller) 
4) The Soundtrack of Our Lives (feat. Cayman Ilika) 
5) Underwater Rendezvous 
6) Contract of a Kill 
7) If Only I’d… (feat. Brent Miller) 
8) Tunnel Vision (full version feat. Jerri Roberts) 
9) Silent Understanding 
10) The Girl With the Sun in Her Hair (Sunny Girl Version) 
11) Out With a Bang 
12) Live For Today (feat. Cayman Ilika)

13th February 2016 It was very special to me and a great honour to the memory of my late wife Linda, that DJ Terry James Hawke of HFM Radio dedicated to her the first session of his show.

20th January 2017 the album “Empyreal” by Greek synthesist Thaneco and Steve was released.

“The New Year’s Waltz” was released as a digital download 29th December 2017:

Also available from other download / streaming sites.


In February 2016 Steve had met with the legendary Nik Turner, a founder member of the space rock group Hawkwind, and they discussed working on an album together. Steve had already written enough material for an album and he decided to form the TRANCE DIMENSIONALS band as a way of presenting the new material with Nik fronting the band. Some of the tracks Steve wrote specifically for Nik, in particular “Thunder Rider Invocation” and “Sekhmet”, which purposefully harkens back to Nik’s Egyptian themed album from 1978 called “Xitintoday”.

At the time Steve was also a member of a prog rock band called Ra Rising and he asked their drummer Dai Rees and bassist Rob Andrews to join the band.

Angel Flame, the dancer in Nik’s Space Ritual and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, also agreed to join and soon after Dave Anderson, who had played bass in the German band Amon Duul II, the Groundhogs and on Hawkwind’s 1971 album “In Search Of Space” also came onboard. In fact Dave plays on the new arrangement we have on the album of the song he wrote with Nik called “Children of the Sun”, that first appeared on “In Search Of Space”.

Recording sessions commenced with Nik, Dave & Angel at Foel Studio, Wales April 2018

Steve is honoured to be creating some youtube videos for the beautiful and magical music of Sally Oldfield to accompany the limited deluxe version of the release of her “The Enchanted Way” compilation released May 25th 2018

Steve was interviewed live on air on June 24th 2018 by DJ Terry Hawke on the “Hawke Chill-Out Sessions” at Harborough FM.

“I’ll be chatting to Steve about several of his releases, and a little about his new band, ‘The Trance Dimensionals’ … and much, much more, it’s been many years since I last spoke with Steve, it’s gonna be fun ‘catching up’ fer sure!”

30th August 2019 The single “Destination Void” by the The Trance Dimensionals was released as a download.

3rd October 2019 the second album by Thaneco and Steve titled “Call Of The Ancients” was released.

Another veteran of Hawkwind, Mr Dibs also joins us on the track “Taken to the Limit”.

The band had their debut live performance in June 2019 at the Sonic Rock Festival in Worcestershire, England.