The 2020’s

12th January 2020 The instrumental “Iridescent” was released.

22nd February 2020 the three track EP “The Girl By The Lake” was released.


17th April 2020 “Psychic Remnants Volume 1: 1973 – 75 was released.

22nd April 2020 a new recording and version of 1983’s “Illuminere No 1 (Orchestral arr.) was released.

1st May 2020 the single “Slinky” by the The Trance Dimensionals was released.

July 2020 Steve made a guest appearance on Rodrigo Passannanti’s “Sky Walker” track.


21st December 2020 “Sonic Portals Volume One” was released.

8th January 2021 “Psychic Remnants Volume 2: 1973 – 76 was released.

22nd January 2021 “Sonic Portals Volume Two” was released.

5th February 2021 “Psychic Remnants Volume 3: 1976 was released.

19th February “Sonic Portals Volume Three” was released.

2nd July 2021 “There’s Always Tomorrow” by Steve and lyricist Dave Rees was released as a CD-R and download.

30th September 2021 “Psychic Remnants Volume 4: 1976 – 77” was released.

20th October 2021 “Sonic Portals Volume Four” was released.

3rd November 2021 “Psychic Remnants Volume 5: 1977” was released.

15th November 2021 “Sonic Portals Volume Five” was released.

6th December 2021 “The Dances For Yule” was released.

4th January 2022 “Psychic Remnants Volume 6: 1977 – 1978” was released.

21st January 2022 “Sonic Portals Volume Six” was released.

19th February 2022 “Psychic Remnants Volume 7: 1978” was released.

4th March 2022 “Sonic Portals Volume Seven” was released.

30th March 2022 “Race Against Time” by Ra Rising was released as a CD and download. Guitarist Brian Jones had by now left the band and Steve took on lead guitar duties as well as playing keyboards and producing the album.

9th April 2022 “Psychic Remnants Volume 8: 1978” was released.

20th April 2022 the last album in the “Sonic Portals” series “Sonic Portals Volume Eight” was released.

30th May 2022 the Italian record company Black Widow Records released “Synchronicity” by Nik Turner & The Trance Dimensionals as a limited edition numbered double LP, standard double LP, CD and download.

22nd August 2022 “Psychic Remnants Volume 9: 1978” was released.

August 2022 Steve made a guest appearance on Turkish musician Mert Akyurek’s “Beyond The Stars” track.

21st December 2022 “Space Disco Demo #2” was released.

29th December 2022 a previously unreleased album from the 1980’s titled “Star Temples” was released.