The 00's

2000: The 1996 compilation cassette APHELION was released as a CD-R on Rob Andrews's Transfer label TRM7

2001: The compilation cassette A CHANGE FOR THE DIFFERENT, previously released in 1991 was released as a CD-R on Rob Andrews's Transfer label TRJ 6. 

In 2000 Steve began working on a similar styled follow up to the prog rock aspirations of CONVERGENCE and had the material composed and ready for recording for a new album to be titled "Sunsets of Summers Past" when circumstances dictated a different direction. Due to a demand for more of his cassette material Cyclops decided that he should compile a follow up to the RIDING THE STORM CD. This time though, Steve decided that the tracks would be completely re-recorded and re-arranged. The resultant album, OPENER OF THE WAYS, was released in June 2002. A new and longer arrangement of LAST LIGHT was put forward for that years Cyclops Sampler CD only to be dropped at the last hurdle (again!) as the album was exceeding its running limits.

June 2002 Cyclops CD CYCL 123
(New recordings of cassette album tracks)

Transitions Part 1-3
Opener Of The Ways Part 1-2
Golden Flame
Centre Of Forces Part 1-2
Night Tides
Sea Child
Island Part 1-2
Last Light Part 1-2

2002: The compilation cassette ESCAPE FROM THE CAGE VOL 3: IMAGES OF INFINITY, previously released in 1993, was released as a CD-R on the Auricle label AMSCDR 009. Copies available from:

2003 Auricle Ltd. Edition CD-R AMCDR 028

(Remastered version of Eye 004). Now long deleted:

2004: A track from Steve's vaults recorded in 1978 titled "Moon Drone" appeared on the Auricle CD-R ¿DRONSZ? AMCDR 038 compiled by Alan Freeman. Copies available from:

2005: The previously unreleased alternate version of "Last Light" from "Opener of the Ways" was briefly available on the short lived PORTALS IV album overseen by Chris "Etherfysh" Christou. Rain of "Cerulean Blue" fame remastered the track.


Steve is also a huge admirer of the film composer John Barry and throughout the 90’s had recorded several albums worth of material that tapped into the spirit of Barry’s 1960’s jazz flavoured musical scores with the emphasis on melody, drama, adventure and mystery, etc. but the material had never seen the light of day. However, a fortuitous chain of events allowed Steve’s ambitions to become realised and to record a John Barry influenced album.

In 2005, Lew Fisher, a founding member of the US Progressive Music Society bought Steve’s OPENER OF THE WAYS album on the strength of the cover art and thankfully was not disappointed when he heard the music! Lew asked Steve to become a member and soon after a UK writer, singer, musician and producer also joined called Rain who had released the critically acclaimed album CERULEAN BLUE and Steve struck up a friendship with him. Later in 2005, the President of Dreamfast Cinema, artist and film director Bruce Wood, joined the society and he expressed the desire to launch a record label of his own and to sign new acts. Steve therefore sent Bruce a demo of some of his Barry influenced music and Bruce, having liked the demo, proposed that Steve record an album as if for an imaginary movie and offered him a contract to do so. Rain agreed to produce the album and with the budget provided by Dreamfast and Rain’s contacts in the musical world, it was possible to bring in some high calibre musicians to play on the album:

The sax player Iain Ballamy on Tenor & Soprano Sax. Iain was the winner of the BBC Radio 3 award for innovation at the British Jazz Awards in 2001 and was also a member of the former drummer of Yes and King Crimson Bill Bruford’s band Earthworks.

The principal flautist of the London Symphony Orchestra and Professor of Flute at the Royal Academy of Music, Gareth Davies on Flute & Alto Flute.

The son of the conductor Arthur Davison CBE, Darryll Davison on Cello.

Steve Hillman on Keyboards, Drums & Percussion.

A former member of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC Philharmonia Phil Morgan on Viola & Violin.

As well as producing and mastering the album, Rain also contributed his musical expertise by playing bass and guitar.

Come March 2006 and Steve’s most ambitious album to date THE WORLD OVER was finished. It became available for digital download in the US in August 2006 and available as a CD from US stores on September 5th 2006. Unfortunately the album was initially beset with distribution and availability problems due to the distributors going bankrupt but a deal was struck with another distributor and the album was launched again on January 9th 2007. It is also now available worldwide as a download via iTunes, Amazon etc. A live concert in London was in the planning stages but sadly had to be cancelled as backing fell through. For samples and further details please go to: Promotional material (PDF Format):

2006 Dreamfast Cinema CD DF003

Design: Anthony Abbinanti

Fired Up 
Linda’s Theme 
Long Hot Night 
The World Over 
As Chance Would Have It 
Flute Jazz 
Thirties Thing 
Looking Back 
In Dreams 
Slow Down 
What The Hell 
The Chase Is On 
Journey’s End

Some reviews:


Recently, I've been digging the groove again on this soundtrack, which I absolutely love, for an imaginary ‘60s/’70s spy movie. A tribute to John Barry by British musician Steve Hillman, this is a rich blend of acoustic and synthetic jazz/pop capturing the essence of an iconic era. Repeat listenings show Hillman was influenced in this project not just by John Barry, but also Ennio Morricone and Lalo Schifrin – I WANT to see the film. I know it doesn’t exist, but the soundtrack is so evocative, I can see every scene unfolding – the track titles themselves tell the story, pacing the soundtrack just as the film would be paced. I picked this up on a whim and had my socks knocked off. Very cool stuff.

Paul Bishop, Bish's Beat, USA, December 2011

Paul is a novelist and screenwriter, who also has a distinguished career with the Los Angeles Police Department, where he has twice been honored as Detective Of The Year. He is also a nationally recognized interrogator, who appears regularly as one of two principal interrogators on the hit ABC reality series Take The Money And Run. 

"Spy Jazz??" Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of this subgenre before this CD. Orchestral jazz, yes.... and this is a nice variety of that. Hillman is very much into the synthesizer and all things electronic, and it actually works for him. From the opening chords of track 1, Fired Up, you can feel the energy that the revved-up engine of his innovative electronics and horns-rich sound kicks up. The categorization of this CD (spy jazz) becomes justified as many tunes do, in fact, remind one of a spy spoof (maybe a James Bond fight or chase scene or even a love scene). Lots of well-placed, dramatic horns and jazzy sax runs. There is a lot going on throughout the arrangements on this CD. Hillman goes from flute-mellow (track 2, Linda’s Theme, and track 6, the somewhat bluesy and appropriately titled Flute Jazz, are a good examples) to suspenseful and upbeat (track 3, Long Hot Night, comes to mind). Then, there are pieces like Thirties Thing (track 7), a peppy, jazzy little piece featuring some stylish tickling of the ivories. 

My favorite is probably track 10, Slow Down, with its mysterious, slinky feel. It’s even, in its own unique way, moderately funky as much as one can imagine in such a setting as orchestral/spy jazz. What the Hell, at track 11, is probably what some will wonder when first hearing this piece. There’s a tribal aura about this one combined with strings and a slightly terrestrial presence. Imagine that, if you can! The up tempo portion of The Chase Is On (track 13) is definitely a piece tailored for 007. I came away from this one with images of a chase scene through the French Alps with Sean Connery in his Aston Martin. 
Throughout this orchestral/soundtrack-quality CD, great piano offerings from Hillman, coupled with the caressing melodies of flutist Gareth Davies and the competent jazzy sax of one Iain Ballamy, do a lot toward carrying this CD and marking it as one that can comfortably represent this type of jazz. Spy jazz. Hmm.... I’ll have to mentally file that one away for future reference. I love how one can acquire an education on the subgenres of jazz while conducting these reviews! A win-win situation.

Ronald Jackson,, USA, April 2006


Wow what an album!!!!!!! Fabulous stuff! I can hear the John Barry influences, along with some Pino Donaggio, Morricone and Lalo Schifrin, but it certainly has a very original Hillman touch. Rain's production is staggering and the pastoral tracks are simply beautiful. I found myself getting way too engrossed with it when it arrived, so much so I missed my train to Brighton, LOL! Quite possibly this is one of the best soundtracks to an imaginary movie I have heard in a long long time! Actually it IS! I could wax lyrical over this disc for ages, but I guess you by now know how much I am in awe and enamoured by it I am. Captivating and simply beautiful. Well keep that dream alive Steve, if there is any justice in this world then you will be peeling a soundtrack off soon! Richly deserved! Time for another Martini and Agent poses as I spin it once again. Thanks!!


Chris Christou, UK, 18th June 2006


Steve Hillman - The World Over 3/3 O's Notes: Pianist Steve Hillman takes us on a journey through fourteen of his latest compositions. He is joined by Darrell Davison (cello), Iain Ballamy (sax), Gareth Davies (fl), Phil Morgan (violin) and Rain (b). They open with “Fired Up", a spirited marching band song. Morgan's strings paint the sullen mood on "As Chance Would Have It" and Davies is showcased on "Flute Jazz". There is a sense of racy adventure on "What The Hell" and high energy on "The Chase Is On". The trip concludes with "Journey's End" and we can picture the credits rolling down the screen. It is a fruitful trip.


D. Oscar Groomes, O's Place Jazz Newsletter, USA, 25th June 2006


While short on solos, “The World Over” is filled with a myriad of compositional ideas. Each song comes across as either a theme or background music for a James Bond type action thriller. With almost every song clocking in under five minutes, what transpires for the length of the cd are compositions that evoke images of chase scenes and dramatic vistas. “Fired up” mixes full toned trombones and pianos leading the way for hard driving drumming and electronic keyboards. “Long Hot Night” combines electronic chords and piano rhythms supported by dronelike synthesizers and sound effects. The contrasting luking piano work and flute mixing with the keyboards and well crafted special effects is quite intriguing. Mournful violin work segues into flute and synthesizer stated themes on “Flute Jazz”. “Slow Down” features Middle Eastern rhythms providing a foundation for electronic guitar and soprano sax laden themes. There isn’t any space given for an exploration of the themes, but the ideas and moods are in abundant supply. Fans of Lalo Schifrin would enjoy this immensely.

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, USA, August 2006

Although as usual Steve Hillman has composed and arranged all the tracks, this time he has called in some of Britain’s top musicians to play along with him. Steve Hillman limited himself to only keyboards and the occasional bit of percussion. Brought into the studio is literally the crème de la crème, Iain Ballamy on soprano and tenor sax (who many of you may be familiar with, as he used to play in the excellent ‘Bill Bruford’s Earthworks’); Rain, who plays all of the guitar parts, which must have been pretty daunting to play under the guidance of such a good guitarist as Steve Hillman himself; and Phil Morgan on the violin and viola, which he does with great aplomb, making the spooky or sexy passages of the music quite exhilarating. Darrell Davison plays the cello, whilst Gareth Davies has the unenviable job of replacing Steve’s wife Linda on all the flute parts; very well he does too, not surprising really as his day job is that of principal flautist of the London Symphony Orchestra. In fact you can safely say that all the musicians are at the top of their talents. However, the keyboard playing of Steve Hillman is the thing that stands out amongst the music, surprisingly jazzy at times, particularly in the wonderful but too short ‘Thirties Thing’. The most exciting thing about the whole album is that you can actually imagine the film unfolding as you listen to the music. The music is so inspiring that I am sure whoever listens to this album will be able to make up their own storyline to it, but I assure you it will be an excellent story. Perhaps now they should make a new film and build it around the soundtrack. A great idea by Dreamfast Cinema, excellently executed by Steve Hillman. ‘The World Over’ will definitely be Mott the Dog’s album of the year.

Kim Fletcher, Mott the Dog, Rock Music Critic, Thailand, August 2006

This is truely a standout achievment beyond any musician I have ever encountered climbing toward the pinnacle of creativity. In other words great going my man! Love it!

Ben Wolf, New York, September 2006

In February 2007, Terry Hawke of Radio HFM 102.3 FM in the UK asked Steve to compose a theme tune for his Chill Out Sessions radio show and live DJ gigs and the resultant piece titled HAWKETRONIQUE had its first airing on Saturday 7th April 2007 and can be heard opening DJ Hawke’s show every Saturday night. Steve & Linda were subsequently interviewed live in the studios of HFM on May 5th 2007. DJ Hawke also commissioned a video for HAWKETRONIQUE:

Video: JT

As well as Terry Hawke being a DJ he has also written several sc-fi narratives and in 2007 he put forward the idea to Steve that he could incorporate some of them into one of Steve's musical projects. Having had plans in the pipeline for some time for a space rock themed album, early in 2009 Steve sketched out several tracks and the basis for a new album was conceived. 

In June 2007 Steve had the great honour & pleasure of playing electric guitar on four tracks on THE MYSTIC &THE MACHINE album by US based Alpha Wave Movement which was released later that year on the Harmonic Resonance Recordings label
HRR 070901.


Steve is also a member of the progressive rock group Ra. Back in 1988 at that years Electronica in London, Land of Yrx also played and Steve met their bassist Rob Andrews. At Rob's instigation, Steve appeared on several compilation albums and then Rob also became signed to Cyclops Records. In 2004 he invited Steve to play keyboards on a new project he was working on with the guitarist and keyboard player David Groves. David had previously worked with Rob on Rob's 2002 Cyclops album THE HOST. Rob decided to expand the project to become a group based album with Rob, David & Steve all contributing to the arranging and writing of the tracks. With Rob on bass, David on lead guitar and Steve on keys the group became complete with the addition on drums of Dai Rees. The resultant album WAKE was released by Cyclops in June 2007.

Ra website:

December 2006: “Last Farewells” from "Wake" appeared on the 
CYCLOPS SAMPLER 6 CD Compiled by Malcolm Parker.

January 2009 saw the release of the second Ra album titled RISING. This is a compilation of unreleased solo tracks by Ra members and new versions of previously released music. Steve has two solo tracks - OVER THE EDGE which was recorded during the CONVERGENCE album sessions in 1998 and a new edit of 1991’s EYES OF JANUS from the A CHANGE FOR THE DIFFERENT album.

In 2009 the Ethericom label was set so as to release Steve’s archive material. Steve’s first album, 1983’s “From Distant Shores”, was released in 2009 as a limited edition CD-R (now deleted) with an additional 27 minutes comprising five previously unreleased tracks recorded in the same time period as the original album.

THE 2010'S

In 2010, as part of a remix contest, Steve remixed Bryan Ferry’s “Shameless” track from his "Olympia" album called "Shameless (Ethericom Spirit of '72 Mix)".

In March 2011 a newly remastered version of Steve’s 1994 “Matrix” album was released as a digital download via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon etc.

2) MATRIX (Part One) 
6) MATRIX (Part Two) 

Booklet back over of original release.

All music composed & produced by Steve Hillman. 
Recorded February - April 1994. 
Mixed July 1994. 

Steve Hillman: Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesisers & Drum Programming. 

Linda Hillman: Flute on Sphinx Dancer & Matrix (Part Two). 

Artwork designed by Steve & Painted by Linda. 

Originally released on the Cyclops records label as CYCL 011 in 1994. 

Digitally Remastered by Steve Hillman February 2011. 

Special thanks to Malcolm Parker for having the vision to make this originally happen!

Star Temple (Pencil 1977) Booklet illustration of original release by Steve Hillman

All music and artwork P & C ETHERICOM 2011

Steve, Royal Albert Hall, London, June 2011. Photo: Linda Aubergine. 

In October 2011 Steve signed a publishing deal with Silk & Denim Publishers in Nashville, USA  for a track called "Excite!": 

In February 2012 they also published another cue called "Running Free":

Both "Excite!" & "Running Free" were assigned to a Las Vegas reality TV talent show called Vertical Pole Challenge.

February 27th 2012 saw the re-release of 1996's RIDING THE STORM album as a remastered digital download via CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon etc.

1) DEPARTURE taken from the 1993 Electronical Dreams label cassette album CONTINUUM. 
2) LINK/STORMBRINGER/RIDING THE STORM PTS 1-5 taken from the 1990 Eye Tapes label cassette album LABYRINTH except LINK (1995) which is previously unreleased. 
3) PILLARS OF SAND taken from the 1985 Mirage label cassette album ASHTAR. 
4) CHRONOTRON taken from the 1993 Electronical Dreams label cassette album CONTINUUM. 
5) MYSTERIUM/POINT OF CONTACT taken from the 1993 Arrival label cassette album ARRIVAL. 
6) EARTHPULSE taken from the 1988 Eye Tapes label cassette album WORLDS BEYOND. 
7) CHAMBER OF THE MOON taken from the 1985 Mirage label cassette album ASHTAR. 
8) ACCUMULATOR taken from the 1988 Eye Tapes label cassette album WORLDS BEYOND. 
9) SASHIDA taken from the 1989 Eye Tapes label cassette PHASES. 
10) ALTAIR taken from the Eye Tapes label cassette album FROM DISTANT SHORES. 
11) RIDING THE STORM PT 6 taken from the 1990 Eye Tapes label cassette album LABYRINTH. 
12) JOURNEY BACK taken from the 1985 Eye Tapes label cassette album EVOCATIONS.

Original release booklet interior artwork


Steve Hillman: Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synths, Digital Drums & Cover Painting Design.

Linda Hillman: Flute improvisations on "Pillars of Sand" & "Chamber of the Moon" & Cover Painting.

Originally released on the Cyclops records label as CYCL 035 in 1996.

Digitally Remastered by Steve Hillman April 2011.

All music and artwork P & C ETHERICOM 2012


May 9th 2012 saw the re-release of 1999's CONVERGENCE album as a remastered digital download via CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon etc.

1) Wheels Within Wheels Pt 1 / Against All Odds / A Time That Was / Against All Odds (Reprise) 
2) Moongate 
3) Flying High / The Earth Sleeps Below / Down To Earth 
4) New Horizons / Pulsator / Obelisk 
5)Upon The Hill / Convergence 
6) A Time That Was 
7) Wheels Within Wheels Pt 2 / Twist Of Fate / Upon Reflection / Wheels Of Change / Finale 
8) For What Is To Come…


Steve Hillman: Composition, production, all instruments (except flute) and cover art design. 

Linda Hillman: Flute and cover art. 

Recorded Summer of 1998 - Spring 1999.

With many thanks to Linda, Malcolm, Rob, Mom and Dad, Pete, Chris, Jack McCafferty, Carl Jenkinson, Olivier Pelletant, Raphael Garnier, Gerrit-Jan Bloemink and Cyril Pelletey. 

“A Time That Was”, “New Horizons”, “Pulsator” and “Obelisk” are new recorded arrangements of tracks that originally appeared on the 1986 cassette album “New Horizons”. “Moongate” is a new recorded arrangement of a track that originally appeared on the 1989 cassette album “Phases”. 

Originally released on the Cyclops records label as CYCL 069 in 1999. 

Digitally remastered by Steve Hillman April 2012.

Original release back cover artwork


All music and artwork P & C ETHERICOM 2012


OPENER OF THE WAYS (REMASTERED) available July 23rd 2012 as a digital download via iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc.

New recorded versions and arrangements of tracks which previously appeared on cassette only albums. Only NEBULA, the closing section of TRANCER, GOLDEN FLAME and SEA CHILD are remastered originals. 

1) Continuum/Transitions 
2) Nebula/Opener of the Ways/Trancer 
3) Golden Flame 
4) Centre of Forces 
5) Night Tides/Sea Child 
6) Island 
7) Prelude to Last Light (Previously Unreleased) 
8) Last Light 

The original versions of CONTINUUM, TRANSITIONS and CENTRE OF FORCES appeared on CONTINUUM in 1993. 

The original versions of OPENER OF THE WAYS and TRANCER appeared on LABYRINTH in 1990. 

GOLDEN FLAME and SEA CHILD first appeared on ASHTAR in 1985. 

The original version of NIGHT TIDES appeared on WORLDS BEYOND in 1988. 

The original version of ISLAND appeared on TIMELEVELS in 1987. 

PRELUDE TO LAST LIGHT, based on the opening section of the original 1989 version of LAST LIGHT, was recorded during the OPENER OF THE WAYS sessions in 2001 but has remained unreleased until now. A reworked version was used as the opening section to KNEE OF AN IDOL from the Ra album WAKE. 

The original version of LAST LIGHT appeared on PHASES in 1989. 

Composed, played and produced by Steve Hillman. Recorded April to August 2001. Mixed and mastered November to December 2001. 

Steve Hillman: Keyboards, synthesisers, electric guitar, glissando guitar, drums and cover art design. 

Linda Hillman: Flute improvisations on GOLDEN FLAME and SEA CHILD and cover art painting. 

Remastered July 2012 by Steve Hillman. 

Originally released on the Cyclops Records label as CYCL 123 in June 2002.

Many thanks to Aymeric Leroy, Linda, Malcolm and the Mighty Cyclops, Rob Andrews, Trevor King and those in Worlds Beyond. 
Special mentions also to those of you who were there then: 
Andy G of Lotus Records, Archie Patterson of Eurock USA, Bill Jones, Brian Lunger & Brent Parsons of Earmeals CFUV Canada, Cruz Gorostegui of Syntorama Spain, Dave “Space Rider” Roberts, Jan Hunk of Aurora Borealis Holland, John & Linda Palmer of EMIX, Marc Hans Rumming, Mark Jenkins of AMP Records, Martin reed of Mirage, Norman Jope of MEMES, Pat Murphy of Alien Air Music KXLU USA, Peter Hillman, Rob Hanemaayer of SI Holland, Steve & Alan freeman of Audion & Ultima Thule, Sean Worrall & Marina Anthony of the Organ and Steve Kellerman of the Cosmic Music Experience WCVT USA to name but a few!


July 16th 2012 saw the world wide release of LAST LIGHT (Alternate Version) as a download only single via iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc.

Steve Hillman: Keyboards, synths, electric guitar, drums, production and cover design. Linda Hillman painting.

Originally recorded in 2002, this was an alternative version of the “Last Light” track which closed Steve’s “Opener of the Ways CD and was especially recorded for that years Cyclops Records Sampler CD which ended up not being included due to exceeding time limits. Remastered by Rain of “Cerulean Blue” fame in 2005, it briefly appeared on the short lived US Progressive Music Society’s “Portals IV” album. 

Copyright Ethericom 2012.

Released on the 23rd April 2013 was 1983’s FROM DISTANT SHORES which includes the 5 bonus tracks as per the limited edition 2007 CD-R release:

1) From Distant Shores Pt 1/Chamber of Bells /Tower of Maxt /Atlantean Meadows 
2) Rite of Oscenai 
3) Jewelled Eye/From Distant Shores Pt 2 
4) Vortex/Moonflow/Illuminere No 1 
5) Altair 
Bonus Tracks: 
6) Fires of Shala 
7) Enetor Valdia 
8) Sonic Portal 
9) Starburst Strata 
10) At the End


Originally released in 1983 on the Eye Tapes cassette label.

Steve Hillman: Yamaha CS30L synthesiser, audio generator, 
Casio 301 organ & electric piano, Soundmaster SR88 drum machine. 
Flute on "Enetor Valdia". Watkins Copycat echo & reverb.

Linda Hillman: Improvised flute on "Jewelled Eye".

All music composed, played & produced by Steve Hillman. 
Artwork designed by Steve Hillman. Painted by Linda Hillman. 

Bonus tracks are all first take improvisations recorded between 1980-82. 
"Enetor Valdia" incorporates the original 1981 improvisation of "Moonflow". 
"At the End" is the original 1981 improvisation of the introduction to "Vortex". 
Please note that due to the nature of the recording of the bonus tracks that some have a degree of tape hiss, distortion & drop outs.

All music and artwork P & C Ethericom 2013.

An album comprising tracks from 1985’s EVOCATIONS and 1986’s NEW HORIZONS was also released on 23rd April 2013:

1) Evocations 1 
2) Evocations 3 
3) Reflections 
4) Evocations 4 
5) Nocturne No 1 
6) In Times Past/Evocations 4 
7) Starcycle 
8) Suntower Pt 1 
9) Dreamwalk 
10) Moondance
11) New Horizons Pt 2/Silver Wheel 
12) Vanguard/Suntower Pt 2/Sunset 


Tracks 1-6 are taken from the 1985 cassette album “Evocations”. 

Composed, played and produced by Steve Hillman who plays synth, audio generator, keyboards, electric guitar, tambourine and zither. Artwork layout also by Steve. 

Flute on “Evocations 3” and improvisation on “Reflections” by Linda Hillman who also painted the artwork. 

Tracks 7 - 12 are taken from the 1986 cassette album “New Horizons” which was composed, played and produced by Steve Hillman in the Autumn of 1985. Steve plays synths, keyboards, electric guitar and descant recorder. 

Dedicated to Pat Murphy of Alien Air Music, KXLU Radio, Los Angeles. 

All music and artwork P & C Ethericom 2013.

Evocations 2, Journey Back, New Horizons Pt 1 & Solace, which appeared on the original 1980's releases but omitted from the above download, are now available as free 320mps mp3 downloads from:


Evocations 2 was later re-recorded and re-titled Stormbringer and appeared on 1990's Labyrinth album and 1996's Riding the Storm CD. A 1.48 edit of Journey Back also appeared on the Riding the Storm CD. This is the full version.

New Horizons Pt 1 was later re-recorded and re-arranged and appeared on the Convergence CD in 1999. Solace, featuring Linda Hillman improvising on flute, was recorded during the 1984 Ashtar sessions.


 On May 20th 2013 an album comprising tracks from 1987’s TIMELEVELS and 1988’s WORLDS BEYOND was released:

1) Timelevels Pt 1 

2) Auryus 

3) Into the Night Pt 1 
4) Into the Night Pt 2 
5) Tower of Maxt ('87 Arrangement)/First Light/Moongate No 1/Earthpulse 
6) Oasis 
7) Worlds Beyond 
8) Portals/Ancient Presence 
9) Night Tides (Electronical Dreams Version) 

Tracks 1-4 are taken from “Timelevels” which was first released in 1987 on the Eye Tapes cassette label. 

Composed, played and produced by Steve Hillman. Unreleased material from 1983-86. 
Improvised flute on “Into the Night Pt 2” played by Linda Hillman. 

Tracks 5-8 are taken from “Worlds Beyond” which was first released in 1988 on the Eye Tapes cassette label. 

Composed, played and produced by Steve Hillman in 1987. 

Equipment: Yamaha CS30L, PSS 460, Siel Orchestra 2, Electric Guitar, Soundmaster SR88. Digital drums and sequences on “Tower of Maxt” and “First Light” recorded at the Triangle Studio, Aston University, Birmingham. Digital drums on “Earthpulse” recorded at Different Disguises Studios, Cradley Heath, West Midlands. 

Improvised flute on “Oasis” played by Linda Hillman. 

Artwork & layout by Steve Hillman (B&W pencil 1974. Digitally enhanced 2013). 

With thanks to Linda and Peter Hillman for their assistance at the EMIX Concert March 1987 and UK Electronika 1987. Thanks also to John and Linda Palmer, Andy G and Ian Morton. 

“Night Tides (Electronical Dreams Version)” is taken from the compilation “The Dream Is Just Beginning” released on the Electronical Dreams label in 1988.

Island, Timelevels Pt 2, Suntower Pt 3 & Night Tides/Accumulator, which appeared on the original 1980's releases but omitted from the above download, are now available as free 320mps mp3 downloads from:

All music and artwork P & C Ethericom 2013.

On May 27th 2013 an album comprising tracks from 1989’s PHASES and 1990’s LABYRINTH was released:

1) Gates of Babylon/Sirius/Through Mists/Alignments 

2) Prelude/Angels Hair/Call of the Sea/In Shadows Realm 
3) Citadel/Vale of Thela 
4) Automaton 
5) Lyra 
6) Pantheon 
7) Rider 
8) Herald 

Tracks 1-2 are taken from “Phases” which was first released in 1989 on the Eye Tapes cassette label. 

Recorded December 1988 to January 1989. Composed and produced by Steve Hillman who plays Synthesisers, Keyboards and Electric Guitar. Thanks to AMP Records and all who helped us in London at Electronica ‘88. 

Tracks 4-8 are taken from “Labyrinth” which was first released in 1990 on the Eye Tapes cassette label. 

Recorded January to May 1990 except “Citadel/Vale of Thela” which was recorded in December 1988 and first appeared on the compilation “Remote Viewing Vol 2” in 1989. 

Steve Hillman: Composition, production, digital & analogue synths, keyboards, digital drums, treble recorder, electric guitar, artwork & layout. 
Special thanks to Kevin O’Neill.


All music and artwork P & C Ethericom 2013.


Released 9th December 2013 "CONTINNUM"

1) Ectoforms/Labyrinth/Procession 
2) Phases/Dreamstate/Sentinel 
3) Last Light (Remixed Edit) 
4) Before Dawn 
5) Etheric Bridge 
6) Altar of the Serpent 
7) Essence 
8) Departure (Full Version) 
9) Continuum (Part Nine) 

Composed, played and produced by Steve Hillman 1989-1993. 

Remastered December 2013. 

“Ectoforms” & “Labyrinth” first appeared on the 1990 Eye Tapes cassette album “Labyrinth”. 

“Procession“, “Phases/Dreamstate/Sentinel” & “Last Light (Remixed Edit)” first appeared on the 1989 Eye Tapes cassette album “Phases”. 

“Before Dawn” first appeared on the 1993 Auricle compilation cassette album “Escape from the Cage Vol 3: Images of Infinity”. 

Tracks 5-8 first appeared on the 1993 Electronical Dreams cassette album “Continuum”. 

“Continuum (Part Nine)” first appeared on the 1991 Messenger compilation cassette album “A Change For The Different”. 

Steve Hillman synths, keyboards & electric guitar. 
Linda Hillman improvised flute on “Sentinel”, “Before Dawn” & “Essence”. 

Artwork by Steve Hillman. 

All music and artwork P & C Ethericom 2013.


In anticipation of Steve's latest solo album two versions of the track "Tunnel Vision" (Orchestral Version & Single Edit) were released as a download 17th March 2014. The orchestral version of "Tunnel Vision" is also featured on the audio book version of Dave Rees & Phil Friend’s book “Why are you pretending to be normal?”.

Tragically, in September 2014 Linda passed away. She had always been there on so many levels right from the very beginning in the 70’s and onwards to encourage and finance me to pursue music and without her I could not have achieved what I have.


Recording of the third Ra album had been underway since July 2011. With the addition of two new members, Brian Jones taking the role of lead guitarist and Richard Benjamin on vocals, it was decided to now call the band Ra Rising and the subsequent album "SEIZE THE DAY" was released as a physical CD & download on November 1st 2014. 

30th March 2015 saw the release of "LIVE FOR TODAY", the follow up album to "The World Over" but this time with the addition of vocals with lyrics written by Ra Rising drummer Dai Rees. As well as being available as a digital download via all good download sites, physical CD's with colour disc & six page fold out booklet are also available.


1) Contract of a Kiss (feat. Cayman Ilika) 
2) Under Cover of Night 
3) Now or Never (feat. Brent Miller) 
4) The Soundtrack of Our Lives (feat. Cayman Ilika) 
5) Underwater Rendezvous 
6) Contract of a Kill 
7) If Only I’d… (feat. Brent Miller) 
8) Tunnel Vision (full version feat. Jerri Roberts) 
9) Silent Understanding 
10) The Girl With the Sun in Her Hair (Sunny Girl Version) 
11) Out With a Bang 
12) Live For Today (feat. Cayman Ilika)

Music composed, arranged, orchestrated and played by Steve Hillman except track 10 written by John Barry & Don Black. 
Lyrics on tracks 1, 3, 4, & 7 by Dave Rees. 
Lyrics on track 8 by Dave Rees & Phil Friend. 
Lyrics on track 12 by Steve Hillman. 

Recorded, mixed and produced by Steve Hillman. 
Vocals recorded in Seattle, USA with thanks to Trystan Matthews of Demomysong. 
Album mastered by Steve Kitch at Audiomaster. 
Cover layout by Steve Hillman. 
Cover photo by Dave Bredeson. 

Steve thanks John Barry for his continued inspiration and Dave Rees without whom this project would not have come to fruition. 
Dave thanks Don Black for his inspiration & Steve Hillman for this fantastic opportunity. 
Tracks 1, 3, 4, 7 & 8 published & copyright 2015 Steve Hillman & Dave Rees. 

Tracks 2, 5, 6,9, 11 &12 published & copyright 2015 Steve Hillman. 
Track 10 published & copyright 1967 Edwin H. Morris & Co. a division of MPL Music Publishing Inc.

Back in 1993 I set myself the challenge of composing some music in a style that I hadn’t really explored before as my output up till then had been in the electronic music and prog rock genres. One of the challenges I set myself was to draw on the influence that Bond composer John Barry had had on me since first hearing his music back in the early 1960’s onwards. Many ideas and fully formed tracks were committed to tape but then left on the shelf whilst my attentions turned to recording “Continuum“ and then “Matrix”. 
I never expected the unreleased music that I’d composed back in 1993 to ever see the light of day but like many unusual synchronous events in my life, in 2005, over a decade since those ideas and tracks were composed, Dreamfast Cinema in Chicago, USA signed me up and “The World Over” album featuring many of those 1993 compositions, was released in 2006.

That could well have been the end of that particular musical route but by then I’d become the keyboard player in the Ra band and as if it was meant to be, the drummer Dai Rees also happened to be a huge fan and admirer of the music of John Barry! When I told him I still had unreleased material in the archives he proposed writing lyrics for some of it and lo and behold the idea was born to release another album to follow up “The World Over”. 

Here’s a track by track breakdown which also includes thoughts by lyricist Dave Rees: 

I composed this in 2011 and the melodic line covers quite a wide range and I was blown away with Cayman’s performance as it’s a major feat to pull off, especially that last long held note a' la Shirley Bassey! 
Dave: I often wondered what the girls who ended a Bond film with him thought of Bond when he went onto another adventure in the next film. So here are my thoughts on what a jilted Bond girl might think of him! 

An instrumental track composed in 1993 and along with all the other unreleased tracks on this album from that year I can’t believe that it’s now over 20 years old! 

Another track composed in 1993, this fuses various influences ranging from the Canterbury prog rock scene style intro section featuring viola to the John Barryesque jazz sections. 
Dave: A song I wrote about my wife Carole expressing thoughts and feelings that I and many other men I think sometimes leave unsaid. 

Yet another composition from 1993 that hasn’t been released until now. Harmonically I recall being very pleased with it’s unusual chord progressions and modulations which help to shift the mood from light to dark and back again. 
Dave: I wrote this about listening to the brilliance of John Barry throughout my life. How he could capture moods so brilliantly and how much I still love and listen to his music even though he's no longer with us. 

This was one of those fortuitous moments as this is a first take improvisation from 2011 when I had no specific image or mood in mind so basically what you hear here is just is as it first appeared out of the ether. Featuring strings, harp and flute, the melodic line also formed the basis of CONTRACT OF A KISS which was composed during that same session. 

An instrumental version of CONTRACT OF A KISS but with an added dramatic second half that with percussion and electronic effects builds to a climax before falling away to some subdued horns. 

Part composed in 2001 and developed in 2004 this is a nice slow ballad and I cheekily put a little Bach reference at the end. Dave's lyrics throughout are excellent and I think these are particularly outstanding. 
Dave: A song about regrets when you get older and wishing you'd made different choices earlier in your life but now its too late. 

This infamously started life in 2006 when cult LA film director Damon Packard invited me to provide some music for his film “Space Disco” but having recorded several demos and versions unfortunately they were deemed unsuitable. Nevertheless I thought it was a strong melodic track and Dave fell in love with it when he heard it. Dave also suggested I lengthen the track which to his credit made it even better. 
Dave: I wrote this with contributions from Phil Friend based on our book 'Why are you pretending to be normal?' Its about a person with a disability expressing their thoughts to either a partner or manager at work who isn't supporting them in a way that works for them. 


Another unreleased track from the proliferation of 1993, a moody instrumental featuring piano, strings, flute & cor anglais. 

Written by John Barry as an instrumental for the 1967 Sunsilk advert, this is the version that only appeared as a flexi-disc back in the day. Rather than do an interpretation I’ve attempted to stay as true to the version as possible albeit my version is in stereo and there’s no vinyl clicks(!) 

The first section is based on the SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES before going into a dynamic action style passage featuring electric guitar, synth sequencer backdrop and wailing brass all ending with a reference to UNDER COVER OF NIGHT. 

The album had the title "Live for Today" yet there wasn’t a track called that so I put my mind to composing the music for such a track. It was Christmas Day 2013 and as soon as I was at the keyboard I spontaneously played the melody and chords there and then. Moments like that always shock and surprise me and send shivers up my spine because it’s as if I’m simply being a vehicle for a piece of music that has already been created by someone or something else. The melody line also seemed to suggest lyrics to me and with my wife Linda in mind, I jotted down the lyrics. It’s tragic and ironic that words I wrote for Linda now seem to apply to me as I wasn't to know her time here was nine months later to be over, but I take comfort in knowing that she heard it before she passed. 


It was very special to me and a great honour to the memory of my late wife Linda, that DJ Terry James Hawke of HFM Radio dedicated to her the first session of his show on Saturday the 13th of February 2016

"The New Year's Waltz" was released as a digital download 29th December 2017:

Also available from other download / streaming sites.





In 2006, after an interview on Terry Hawke’s “Chill Out Sessions” show at HFM Radio, Terry gave Steve some Robert Calvert inspired dialogues he had written and this spurred Steve on to write some new material and put together an album incorporating some of Terry’s dialogues. This stayed in the archives for several years due to other commitments but resurfaced again in 2015 when Steve had the inspired idea of asking the legendary Nik Turner (Hawkwind, Inner City Unit, Space Ritual) to guest on the album. Nik subsequently agreed followed by Miss Angel Flame (Space Ritual, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown). Steve then decided that rather than release the album as a solo project he would form a new group with the addition of another legend from the psychedelic era the bassist Dave Anderson (Hawkwind, Amon Duul II, Groundhogs, Space Ritual) and Ra Rising drummer Dave Rees and thus the TRANCE DIMENSIONALS were born!

We all met up at the legendary Foel Studios in Wales in April 2018 for some recording sessions and will be back later in 2018 to finish the album, titled “Synchronicity” due for release in 2019 and in time for our debut live appearance at the Sonic Rock Solstice festival in Worcestershire, England over the Summer Solstice period.

Dai Rees, Angel, Dave Anderson, Nik Turner, Steve Hillman

Foel Recording Studio, 10th April 2018.


In April 2018 Steve’s space / esoteric rock group The Trance Dimensionals were in the depths of deepest Wales to continue the recording of “Synchronicity” featuring the legend that is Nik Turner (Hawkwind, Inner City Unit, Space Ritual) on vox, sax & flute. Dave Anderson (Amon Duul II, Hawkwind, Groundhogs, Space Ritual) on bass guitar & Angel Flame (Space Ritual, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown) on vox.


Work on a second collaboration with Greek maestro Thaneco to follow up the highly successful “Empyreal” will begin early next year.


Steve was interviewed live on air on June 24th 2018 by DJ Terry Hawke on the "Hawke Chill-Out Sessions" at Harborough FM.

"I'll be chatting to Steve about several of his releases, and a little about his new band, 'The Trance Dimensionals' ... and much, much more, it's been many years since I last spoke with Steve, it's gonna be fun 'catching up' fer sure!"


Steve is honoured to be creating some youtube videos for the beautiful and magical music of Sally Oldfield to accompany the limited deluxe version of the release of her “The Enchanted Way” compilation released May 25th 2018

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