The 2020’s

12th January 2020 The instrumental “Iridescent” was released as a download.

22nd February 2020 a three track EP “The Girl By The Lake” was released as a download.


In April 2020 the Psychic Remnants series of releases were set up to make available the best of Steve’s 1970’s archive.

17th April 2020 “Psychic Remnants Volume 1: 1973 – 75 was released.

22nd April 2020 a new recording and version of 1983’s “Illuminere No 1 (Orchestral arr.) was released.

13th March 2020 The Sleep Fuse label released a limited numbered CD-R expanded version of “From Distant Shores”.

1st May 2020 the single “Slinky” by the The Trance Dimensionals feat. Nik Turner was released. Now deleted.

July 2020 Steve made a guest appearance on Rodrigo Passannanti’s “Sky Walker” track.


In December 2020 the Sonic Portals series of releases were set up to make available the best of Steve’s 1980 – 1982 archive.

21st December 2020 “Sonic Portals Volume One” was released.

8th January 2021 “Psychic Remnants Volume 2: 1973 – 76 was released.


22nd January 2021 “Sonic Portals Volume Two” was released.

5th February 2021 “Psychic Remnants Volume 3: 1976 was released.

19th February “Sonic Portals Volume Three” was released.

At the end of June 2021 Steve met up with Nik Turner & Dave Anderson at Foel Recording Studio to complete the recording of the Trance Dimensionals album “Synchronicity”.

2nd July 2021 “There’s Always Tomorrow” by Steve and lyricist Dave Rees was released as a CD-R and download. Featuring Q The Music’s Kerry Schultz & Warren Ringham plus Sammi Broad, Eleanor Rees & David Rhys-Morris.

There’s Always Tomorrow | Steve Hillman & Dave Rees | Steve Hillman (

Devil May Care feat. Sammi Broad

All That’s Before Us

When I Hold Your Hand feat. David Rhys Morris

Lying Low

Nobody Else To Blame feat. Kerry Schultz

Troubadour (by John Barry)

There’s Always Tomorrow feat. Sammi Broad

Virtual Love feat. David Rhys Morris

Devil May Care (Instrumental)

Why Don’t I Just Listen feat. Eleanor Rees

Roots And Wings feat. Kerry Schultz

They’re Coming To Get You!

Devil May Care (Slow Version) feat. Sammi Broad

Arise feat. Warren Ringham & David Rhys Morris

30th September 2021 “Psychic Remnants Volume 4: 1976 – 77” was released.

20th October 2021 “Sonic Portals Volume Four” was released.

3rd November 2021 “Psychic Remnants Volume 5: 1977” was released.

15th November 2021 “Sonic Portals Volume Five” was released.

6th December 2021 “Three Dances For Yule” was released.


4th January 2022 “Psychic Remnants Volume 6: 1977 – 1978” was released.

21st January 2022 “Sonic Portals Volume Six” was released.

19th February 2022 “Psychic Remnants Volume 7: 1978” was released.

4th March 2022 “Sonic Portals Volume Seven” was released.

30th March 2022 “Race Against Time” by Ra Rising was released as a CD and download. Guitarist Brian Jones had by now left the band and Steve took on lead guitar duties as well as playing keyboards and producing the album.

Race Against Time | Ra Rising (

Heavy Rain


Humble Piety

Love The Life You Live

See How It Goes

Nothing Left To Lose

Lucky World

You’ve Sold Your Only Ace

Race Against Time

Ancient Lights

9th April 2022 “Psychic Remnants Volume 8: 1978” was released.

20th April 2022 the last album in the “Sonic Portals” series “Sonic Portals Volume Eight” was released.

29th April 2022 THE WORLD OVER was re-released worldwide as a remastered download via Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

30th May 2022 the Italian record company Black Widow Records released “Synchronicity” by Nik Turner & The Trance Dimensionals as a limited edition numbered double LP, standard double LP, CD and download.

Nik Turner: Vocals, Flute & Sax
Clog: Bass Guitar
Dai Rees: Drums
Steve Hillman: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards & Synths

Angel Flame Narration on “The Enchantress” & “Abode of the Blessed”.
Dave Anderson Bass Guitar on “Children of the Sun”.
Eleanor Rees Vocals on “Children of the Sun”.
Linda Hillman Voice & Flute on “The Enchantress”
Mr Dibs vocals on “Taken to the Limit”.
Richard Benjamin Vocals on “Angels of the Light”.

Destination Void

The Enchantress

Taken To The Limit


Thunder Rider Invocation

Sphinx Dancer


Angels Of The Light

Night Of The Jewelled Eye

Abode Of The Blessed

Children Of The Sun

25th July 2022 ASHTAR was released worldwide in its expanded form via Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

22nd August 2022 “Psychic Remnants Volume 9: 1978” was released.

August 2022 Steve made a guest appearance on Turkish musician Mert Akyurek’s “Beyond The Stars” track.

21st December 2022 “Space Disco Demo #2” was released.

29th December 2022 a previously unreleased album from the 1980’s titled “Star Temples” was released.

Star Temples | Steve Hillman (

Star Temple I

Rising From The Deep

From Afar

Ancient Landscapes

Procession II


Moon Dance II

Outer Limits

Star Temple II


4th March 2023 Psychic Remnants Volume 10: 1978 was released as a download:

Psychic Remnants Volume 10: 1978 | Steve Hillman (

Discography – Steve Hillman – The Official Website of the Electronic / Prog / Space Rock – Orchestral – Composer and Musician

25th March 2023 the last of the Psychic Remnants series of archive releases Volume 11: 1979 was released as a download:

Psychic Remnants Volume 11: 1979 | Steve Hillman (